When you want to give your hair a glam up then hair accessories are the necessary things to choose from. Hair accessories for every hair type like thick, lengthier and texture all those things matters.

Thick Hair

Thick hair which usually weighs high and you can go with larger sized hair claws. As it generally has more space inside the clip tends to work best. Medium sized ones may not catch up your whole hair as all your hair doesn’t fill their tooth. One of the elegant hairstyles is to have a French pleat with some flowers on one side. Or you can go with a low pony that can be tied with some plain or floral band or even with some scarfs.

Fine Hair

Wearing heavy clips is really a bad idea for fine hairs, as they pull down and it will be removed easily. So go for smaller, lightweight clips which can claw perfectly for a long time.

Have a long comb for long hair so you can easily tackle that. Arched barrette clip to hold the plat is a great choice.

Medium Weight Hair

Medium size claws and combs are the great option for medium based hair length people. Even you can have different types of hair clips that exist for different hair lengths. Arched barrettes are good for holding all of the hair, but when you want to hold a smaller section, flat barrettes are preferable. Combs with alternating straight and wavy teeth are a good combo to go with.

Short Hair

When you search in the market the hair accessories suitable for all hair types will be available. There are no exemptions for the short hairs they obviously need very low maintenance. You can go with narrow and wide headbands complimenting most short hair styles. Tiny hair claws are a brilliant way for decorating shorter hair. You should use some grips if you really want to place some heavy ornament on your hair.

Short HairStraight or Slippery Hair

Many people love to have straight and silky hair but you really don’t know what their struggle is. Whatever they wear on their hair it will loosen sometime or it will fallback. They usually opt for combs with waved teeth, or teeth that are set closer together on the comb to hold it in place. It is advisable to use texturising spray, mousse or hairspray to add some grip to your hair. But be sure not to damage it.

Wavy, Curly & Textured Hair

Chignon pins and Pelicans Clips are also a great choice to go with the wavy, textured hair. For this hair you can use all the accessories that you can use for the thick hair. Even the same set of combs too.

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