Natural hair always gives you a gorgeous look. But when you plan to color your hair it sometimes makes all your curls so dry and very fringe. So you have to take the right set of precautions and learn a styling routine that works for your colored curls. Here we will discuss the ways to take care of your color-treated natural hair.

Pre-coloring Tips

When you speak about curly hair it is more delicate than other hair types. Before you plan to color the hair, apply some natural oils on your scalp to tip as your hair needs some moisture before coloring.

hair typesPrepare Your Hair

Get a consultation form the specialist about the kind of hair color that opts for your face and ask them what the healthy way to maintain your hair. Discuss about the previous color you had on your hair and also about the products that are allergic to your scalp.

As discussed earlier, moisturizing is absolutely important to do. Get the moisturizing shampoos and conditioners to boost your moisture level for healthy hair. Be away from the heat styling techniques to maintain healthy hair for color treated curls. So use some natural oils to keep up the color and try not to use shampoo on a regular basis. If you find any damaged ends then trim your hair accordingly to maintain a healthy hair.

After- Care

Give your curls extra love to keep them healthy and properly moisturized. Have a pre-routine before you apply shampoo on your hair. Follow up the right hair washing routine. Do deep conditioning and don’t dry your hair under a hairdryer. It is important to take care for color-treated curls to have healthy and shiny hair. Keep it very simple on the hair; all these things will give you long lasting colors on the curls.

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